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11 Lemons Extracts – Cherry Diesel High Crystal Extract Crumble

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Eleven Lemon Extracts represents the culmination of over 25 years studying the biochemistry and plant science of cannabis. An intense desire to create cannabis concentrates which are industry-leading, distinct and exclusive started the flame which has kept us going. It`s been a long tough road, but we are proud to finally announce our first product offering as a legacy brand which has made the transition to the regulated market. Cherry Diesel High Crystal Extract (HCE) is a unique Sativa with a citrus dominated terpene profile of heavy limonene, terpinolene, humulene with an entourage boost of beta-caryophyllene. The real unique citrus twist, in both flavour and effect, comes from the ultra high levels of Geraniol which overpower the mix. Cherry Diesel HCE is an aromatic mix of cannabinoid crystals soaked in terpenes, resulting in a concentrate with amazing flavour!


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