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All Prices Include Tax

5 Points Cannabis – Mosa Orange Punch – Pre-Roll


Terpenes: Limonene, Linalool, Caryophyllene

Mosa Orange Punch is a Indica Dominant strain that is a cross between Mimosa Evo and Orange Punch. This strain has a unique and complex terpene profile, with dominant notes of citrus, particularly orange, and earthy undertones. It also has hints of pine and spice, providing a pleasant aroma and flavor. Most Orange Punch buds have a beautiful bright green color, with orange hairs and a thick coating of trichomes. It’s a great choice for those looking for a strain with a unique flavor profile and a balanced high, inducing a sense of relaxation and euphoria.

5 Points Cannabis products are grown in Quebec in hybrid greenhouses, which enables us to achieve an exceptional level of quality by combining natural sunlight with artificial lighting. As a result, we offer a premium product at an affordable price point. All our dried flowers undergo a meticulous process of hand-trimming and hand-packaging.

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