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7 Acres – Sensi Star – Rosin

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7ACRES Sensi Star Flower Rosin is a high THC, solvent-less concentrate celebrated for its pungent gassy lemon and pepper aroma, beautiful golden coloration and robust terpene rich flavor. Hand crafted in house at 7ACRES, using only pressure, heat and high-end Sensi Star flower.

High end concentrates require high end flower. 7ACRES terpene rich, highly pungent cannabis is used to create some of the best concentrates in Canada. All 7ACRES concentrates are created through a process that removes trichomes from the cannabis plant without the use of an external solvent, resulting in the cleanest and most natural experience.

Discover a world of flavor with 7ACRES concentrates. Our extraction methods preserve the abundant terpenes found in our flower so that you get every last drop of flavor.


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