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Canopy Growth – Deep Space

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Described as small, potent and ready-to-go, Deep Space will get you floating amongst the galaxies in absolutely no time. This carbonated beverage is made with 10mg of the finest Sativa- dominant THC extract with trace amounts of CBD. As such you can expect all the interstellar properties of Sativa to blast you into the stratosphere. Feel uplifted, energized, and ready to dance amongst the stars.

So strap yourself in and grab the world’s smallest jet fuel pack. These drinks are 222mL of deep, dark, mysterious, and full-flavored excellence – all presented in a sleek, simple can that are as non-descript as you need them to be.

Now available – Deep Space Orange Orbit!

This full-flavored, cannabis-infused beverage delivers a bold orange-soda taste with a unique Deep Space twist. Fueled by 10mg of THC in every 22 mL can*, it’s potent and ready to go with you as you set course for the unknown.

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