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Dan’s Balance – Cali-o – Pre-Roll

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Terpenes: Myrcene, Limonene, Alpha-pinene, Farnesene

Dan’s California Orange is an old school classic, with origins dating back to 1980. A righteously
balanced 1:1 strain with a sweet and sour citrusy punch.

Dan’s California-Orange honours the coastal complexities of mysteriously balanced 1980’s hybrid
origins while packing in heavier CBD and a fruity, sour-orange explosion of flavour. It‘s rise is not
the result of simplistic Weedology 101, rather a chronic phenohunt through countless plants for
the mother of all Maricann Cali-O. Colourful, tight and dense buds cradle an aromatically-attractive
terpene tea party featuring the very rare Farnesene, a naturally-occurring fruit-like and earthy
compound found in green apples; Limonene, lemongrass’s Myrcene, and the complimentary hint of
an evergreen forest courtesy of Alpha-Pinene.


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