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Emerald – Grapefruit GG1 – Pre-Roll

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Grapefruit GG1 is a cross between Grapefruit, an energetic Sativa, and GG, a potent Hybrid named after the sensation of being “glued to the couch.” The cone-shaped buds are green and gold with amber pistils and crystal trichomes. This wild mash-up proves that opposites do attract; the citrusy Grapefruit lures the pungent GG from the couch for a balanced fruity and earthy dance.

Grapefruit GG1 proves that opposites do attract. The wild mash-up between Grapefruit, an energetic Sativa, and GG1, a potent hybrid named after the sensation of being “glued to the couch,” is excellently balanced with a mouth-watering grapefruit-citrus bouquet. This strain is grown at Emerald’s artisanal facility in Québec, where it is carefully hand-harvested and hang dried for optimal flavour and quality. Conveniently rolled into 7 x 0.5g pre-rolls and ready to enjoy for any occasion.


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