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Frank CBD – Infused CBD Smokes



Supercharged CBD smokes for all day use. Each pack contains 10 infused pre-rolls X 0.5g per pre-roll. Boasting 25% CBD – 1,250 mg per pack – frank cbd smokes are the perfect, natural substitute for other smokables. Manufactured using a unique processing, blending and infusion process – low THC, CBD-dominant biomass is harvested, milled, infused with a blend of the extract, and homogenized with over 20, sativa-strain terpenes including limonene, ?-caryophyllene, and myrcene. The blend is then rolled into personal-sized 0.5g smokes using natural papers produced from sustainably grown hemp, with no nicotine, chemicals or additives. Expect an earthy, citrus-forward taste profile.

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