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High Priestess – Scorpio Live Rosin – 510

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Terpenes: Myrcene, Limonene, Caryophyllene

High Priestess SCORPIO Live Rosin Vapes boasts a no chatter or fluff, pure potent kick of “organic” Live Rosin. Paralleling its zodiac sign, this powerfully high THC hybrid strain “Pink Panties” contains the elemental energy of endurance and stability. Scorpio the “water” sign mimics this cartridge showcasing a fluid, adaptive and pure product. Encased in a high quality, rose gold, cartridge with etched branding, it speaks to the creativity, intuition, and imagination of its organic roots and solventless extraction. 100% pure and potent. This cartridge features a smooth smoke, relaxing euphoric feelings, along with robust tangy juicy fruity undertones that are popular with the feminine high THC marketspace. Our single strain names can be found on the back of our packaging allowing our consumers the transparency of finding their favorite strain, while giving us the flexibility to offer the most sought after craft strains on the market in a compliant professional format.


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