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Nugz – Lemon Linx Infused – Pre-Roll

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“When there’s a million things that you need to get done, or just a few that you really need to focus on, the first thing on your list should be the Lemon-Linx! Zesty citrus meets savory spice in this new preroll from Nugz!
Starting with our renowned Early Lemon Berry and Cuban Linx flowers, we first mill down whole buds to a precise consistency.
Then we mix the strains together, add in BHO produced from each strain and roll them up in a convenient .6g preroll that comes in a 3 pack. Great for when you’re looking for that “One and done!””
Nugz Infused – Lemon Linx prerolls are .6g, come in a 3 pack, and are there to let the good times roll! ”


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