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Pantry – Peach 1:1 – Gummies

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Relish in the natural sweetness of this classic stone fruit with our original jelly flavour. These soft, melt in your mouth real fruit jellies bring all the juiciness found in a ripe peach with none of the fuzz.

Pantry’s French-inspired pâte de fruit jellies recipes are always crafted with real fruit and no artificial flavours. Fruit fibres in the form of pectin and agar (flavour-less seaweed fibres) are used to set the jelly without the use of gelatin, or any other animal-products, making all of our fruit jellies plant-based.

With a delightful 2mg of THC and 2mg of CBD per piece, our Peach jellies offer the balanced benefits of both cannabinoids in a delicious and discreet treat.


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