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Phat 420 – Milk Chocolate Bar

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Phat420 Milk Chocolate Bar is a single serving 25g chocolate bar that has been infused with 10mg of flavourless & odorless THC distillate.

Our unique processes and high purity distillates deliver a safe and evenly infused experience. Crafted using only the highest quality and best tasting ingredients to deliver a perfect taste every time. Formulated specifically for the chocolate edibles market.

By importing the beans and making our own chocolate we control 100% of the most important ingredient in every chocolatier’s arsenal – the chocolate itself.
The fact that we actually “make” chocolate sets us apart from all but maybe a dozen of our peers in all of Canada. However, we then go to yet another level. Here at Choklat, we make chocolate out of each bean we import. We don’t blend, AND to give you an even more enlightening experience, we make each batch using the same recipe/percentage of ingredients. This levels the playing field and allows you to see for yourself the difference that cocoa beans play in the flavour of chocolate.


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