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Pinners – ICC & MAC 1 Combo Pack

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The only thing better than one strain in an Edison Pinners pack – is two! Our Combo Packs come with two high-quality strains, so you can get two different experiences, in one convenient pack. Each pack contains five 0.35g I.C.C. Pinners, which are a uniquely flavoured indica that features a sweet, spicy and savoury aroma. Also included are five 0.35g MAC-1 Pinners, which are filled with an indica-dominant hybrid with a citrus, diesel, spice. Both I.C.C. and MAC-1 Pinners are a potent 18-24% THC. Edison Pinners are fresh, precision packed and the perfect size for a personal pre-roll session. Sleek and slender, Edison Pinners are the new go-to for small format pre-rolls. Pinners come in a recyclable (and reusable) hard-shell pocket pack and have a humidity boost pack inside, to keep your Pinners fresher, longer.


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