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Roilty – Catacomb Kush – Shatter

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Roilty introduces Catacomb Kush Shatter – a spicy, crisp BHO is made using BC bred Death Bubba with 73.6% THC and nearly 4% terpenes.

Roilty shatters are high-potency BHO extracts that pack a punch. Our Catacomb Kush is certainly no slouch at 73.6% THC and nearly 4% terpenes. Created using a true British Columbia bred strain, Death Bubba, a sedative cross between Death Star and Bubba Kush, this shatter is spicy and crisp with 2.2% Beta-Caryolphellene. Fire up and slip into your own cozy catacomb (read: couch) as the effects wash over you


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