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Sitka Micro – Pine Tar – Pre-Roll

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Micro Producer KnL Cannabis has done it again nailing it’s THC, with the Pine Tar strain. Pine tar is heavy hitting. KnL took their time with this wonderful strain, allowing it to run a full 10 week flower cycle. Pine tar is a pure indica strain from genetics native to Pakistan. This bud is sticky and pungent, that has flavours of pine with sweet undertones. The first inhale is amazing with a Herbal/ Peppery/Citrus flavour. Pine Tar is a favourite among the cannabis community for its sedative high that stays true to its indica profile. The high from this flower will leave users in a sleepy state, having you hungry and snacking on everything in sight, before getting too tired and falling asleep. Each pre roll is crafted and inspected by the pre roll team leader ensuring the best experience.


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