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Table Top – 90’s OG Kush – 510 Vape Cart

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Let the debate rage on about where this classic Indica came from, but it’s been pleasing crowds since the ‘90s so we figured it was a sure bet. You may recognize its distinctive notes of earth and spice. Tearaway pants not included, but any pants can be tearaways if you’re brave enough.‘90s OG Kush from Table Top is a legendary Indica-dominant distillate with high THC and notes of Fuel, Skunk and Spice (dang) courtesy of Limonene, Myrcene and Caryophyllene. To make it, some really smart people pull the flower through an advanced ethanol extraction process to produce a high-potency distillate with no added solvents, pigments, fillers or waxes. And, it’s got a pretty cool 510 thread cartridge too — emissions-tested and offers enhanced airflow, with a proprietary ceramic core and glass housing. Major bonus, right? ‘90s OG Kush. It’s got legs.


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