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Top Leaf – Bubba – Bubble Hash

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Subtlety is overrated, Bubba prefers overt intimidation. It’s dense and it’s dank and it’s dark. It’s pungent and peppery. But more than anything, it’s potent. All of this makes Bubba a big Indica for people who love big Indicas—people who think subtlety is for suckers. Top Leaf full melt bubble hash is grown and extracted from fresh-frozen flower using a solventless reverse-osmosis ice-water process, and freeze-dried to perfectly preserve the full cannabinoid and terpene profiles of each cultivar. It’s true Top Leaf—potent, flavorful, and carefully crafted to produce a beautiful golden-blonde hash that’s perfect for old-school joints and bongs, as well as new-school vapes and dabs.


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