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Top Leaf – Jager OG – 510 Vape Cart Kit

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Why did Jager OG (Hindu Kush X) become the quintessential Top Leaf classic? Is it the full-bodied flavor with faint notes of fennel and nutmeg? Is it the THC potency or the consistency? Is it the licorice taste makes you say “Oh, wow” the first time you try it? The answer is, yes, all of that. Jager OG is a spicy Indica-dominant Hybrid with a brilliant terpene mix (Myrcene, Pinene, Caryophyllene and Limonene) worth savoring. Top Leaf prides itself on carefully crafted cannabis—cultivars with rich, full-bodied flavor and complex terpene profiles—grown to exacting standards in the heartland of Alberta. Their vape products are made using broad-spectrum extraction and glass and ceramic carts (0.5 g, standard 510 thread), preserving each strain’s natural cannabinoids, terpenes and flavor.


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