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Tribal – Galactic Rntz – Pre-Roll



Fresh off the exhale of Galactic Runtz you’ll swear you were standing on a launch-pad watching your first space craft blast off! The gasoline flavour and “High-octane” horsepower are noticeably intense from this powerful Indica dominant strain. Galactic Runtz is Falcon 9 (Sunset sherbet x Tina) and Runtz (Zkittles x Gelato). The breeder is Exotic Genetics. This flower produces high levels of THC. The buds produced by this strain are dense, resin rich, with lime green and rich purple undertones. Expect an relaxing, zen like experience that will fade away into a creative euphoria, if you can keep your eyes open long enough. Galactic Runtz is best appreciated for its fruity flavour with tropical citrus and sour berry notes. Expect a matching aroma with hints of spicy pineapple.

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