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VIGR Life – Black Cherry Punch – Pre-Roll

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Sask grown micro product! Black Cherry Punch (BCP), a cross between Purple Punch & Cherry Pie strains. BCP is an Indica-dominant hybrid that features a truly unique aroma, excellent bud structure, and delivers on the experience with high THC and terpenes. Black Cherry Punch shows off with its bright colors of purple, green, gold, and orange.

BCP’s solid terpene content led by Farnesene (1.66%), Limonene (0.6%), Caryophyllene (0.33%), Linalool (0.25%), and Myrcene (0.22%) that give off sweet, berry & cherry aromas with a hit of and pepper spice notes. Visually, its purple and green buds are laced with orange filaments and absolutely covered in frosty trichomes.



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