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Western Cannabis – Bruce Banner – Pre-Roll

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The Story of Mr. Bruce Banner. There once was a Botanist named Mr. Bruce Banner, who had the great fortune of finding 6 seeds marked, please share. In Veg it seemed there was one runt in the litter… But Bruce grew them all into beautiful plants, each with unique features and power. And the runt of litter, this potent Sativa, is finicky in the grow room but awesome when lit. Why, number 3 is my favorite! She provides an energetic, euphoric high that pairs well with the creative, the wake ‘n’ bake or the go getters! I must share this, so all can love and experience this great treasure.

Although there are many tales about this special plant, this is an exaggerated version of our favorite. Bruce Banner #3 was our first research strain at Western Cannabis, and we are certainly happy with the results! Top Terpenes include Trans-Caryophyllene, Limonene, beta-Myrcene, Farnesene-2 and Alpha-Pinene. Western Cannabis is locally owned and operated in Regina Saskatchewan!


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