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Western Cannabis – Chocolate Diesel – Pre-Roll

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Western Cannabis Chocolate Diesel is a sativa leaning hybrid from our inhouse pheno-hunt crossing the infamous Sour Diesel x Chocolate Thai/Sour Dubble. This insanely delicious strain boasts an uniquely rich sweet chocolate flavor all wrapped up with a spicy diesel overtone and sweet florals throughout. The aroma is very pungent and sour with a rich spicy kerosene overtone that’s accented by deep dark chocolate and herbs. This flower has medium sized, dense popcorn-shaped, light olive green nugs with rich amber hairs and an ample coating of milky crystal trichomes. The Chocolate Diesel high provides an initial energizing effect and ends with a nice calming finish. Chocolate Diesel is a great choice for any cannabis connoisseur and best to enjoy with moderation for new users.


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