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Western Cannabis – Strawberry Punch – Pre-Roll

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Strawberry Punch is a unique pheno hunted selection from the crossing of two hybrids, Granddaddy Purple and Legendary Larry. She is a potent cultivar that really packs an extra punch of relaxation because of the heavy presence of myrcene. One of the most standout features of Strawberry Punch is its bag appeal and mottling of different colors. The flowers are pale green with hues of purple and pink showing through the forest of dense trichomes and scattered orange pistils. While its color and crystal coating might be the first thing you notice, it’s not the only thing which makes it stand out. Her flavor, aroma, and effects will hit you right in the face! This girl pulls no punches when it comes to THC either, with a hefty benchmark of ~25%. This above average THC level combined with the cannabinoid entourage of farnesene, caryophyllene and dominant myrcene exhibit relaxing, properties. However, Strawberry Punch stops just shy of full on couch-lock thanks to its balancing euphoric and energizing effects. The aroma is very unique mixing grape, blueberry, candy, and a slight vanilla taste with an undertone of earthiness. The inhale is very smooth with a cloud of smoke that leaves a flavourful and fruity sweetness on the tongue. Strawberry Punch is a great all around choice from the Western Cannabis library for anyone looking to wind down and relax for the day!


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