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Western Cannabis – Wasabi – Pre-Roll

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This selection of Wasabi by Western Cannabis is a sativa dominant hybrid. The parent genetics of Fire OG and Green Crack combine unique attributes and the result is a mixture of lemon-lime soda, spicy pepper and earthy molasses. The flower is light green with a silvery coating of stacked tiny trichomes. Wasabi brings a rich, earthy, smooth flavor with sour citrus back-end with the Caryophyllene, Humulene Limonene combo. The aroma is very similar to the flavour with a pungent spicy zing as the lime green flowers are broken up. The effects come in fast with an almost instant mood lift, due to a high level of caryophyllene, before spreading relaxation throughout the rest of your body. After the initial lift, the effects transition into a focused calm energy calm. Wasabi is the perfect choice for a functional high where you get things done! A great all-around choice from novice all the way up to experienced smokers.


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