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Wildcard Extracts – Frozen Gelato Candy Rain Live Resin – 510

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Terpenes: Limonene, Caryophyllene, Farnesene

Frozen Gelato Candy Rain (FGxCR) is made using hand harvested outdoor grown fresh frozen cannabis. This indica dominat hybrid strain takes the best characteristics from its Gelato and Candy Rain linage to give you a well-balanced all-around experience. The unique profile of this vape is light on the pallet yet still packed with flavorful terpenes such as Caryophyllene, Farnesene, and Limonene. This Live Resin boasts a velvety profile of sweet cream, vanilla, orange, and hops. The flavor is pleasantly sweet, making it a great option as a convenient everyday go-to.
These cartridges are made without the use of fillers or additives such as distillate or botanical terpenes.


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